I plan, I deliver, I’ll show them how to do it and they follow.

Project Management skill with your leadership call will have a tremendous impact on any domain of project goals.

Diversity is not only in colours and cultures but each employee has its own personality to deal with. Your knowledge in conflict and risks management will do the job, learn how to exercise your soft skill in dealing with these people. After all, it is not only technical expertise at stake but your ability to handle and bridge the gap to remediate the possible losses of your project deadlines.

One project has many faces of stories not to mention the different people and their dramas inside the four square sides of the office. To win them, walk the talk and show your leading and willing to get dirty in order to do the work and get it done just like in the picture above. You are leading by example and not just giving instructions.  If you can make web applications and has the technical expertise to code either front-end, back-end or full stack developer then start working and get dirty.

Stay focus and practice your project leadership skill in dealing with the unexpected. Lead your people by getting dirty and never hesitate to talk to them and let them aware the KPI is their black and white measurement tool for their promotions and professional growth.

You don’t need to be very diplomatic all the time, you just need to be smart and learn to balance emotions and reality. Because at the end of the day, you as a leader or project manager will absorb the failures in case conflict and profit loss in your company.