CLICK ME TO HELP YHEN! Hi, my name is Ron Angeles, a Web Developer in Toronto. I am just one of the volunteers of Yhen Khendrie, and I am begging and asking help to everyone who can read this! I hope somebody will notice this child. He suffered too much and continue to endure the pain. He needs Bone Marrow Transplant ASAP!
Yhen needs big organization, media, influential, and rich people to help. Please, do something to help this boy. I already shouted some media, politicians and even celebrities but I got nothing! I felt so bad about it. That is why I am knocking to the individual, a little amount with thousands of people shares and donation will make a huge impact to raise the money that Yhen needs! HELP YHEN, SAVE HIS LIFE! ❤️ DETAILS ABOUT YHEN:

Patient: Khendrie Yhen Diola

Diagnose: Luekemia(ALL) Hospital: Angeles University Foundation Medical Center (AUFMC) Age: 5 years old FOR BLOOD DONATION Blood type: Any type preferable 0+ Where: AUF 3rd Floor blood bank Mon-Sat. 8:00am – 3:30pm Bring Valid IDs like driving license or government ID FOR CASH DONATION BPI: 0769 1222 73 Account Name: Mary Joy del Rosario Liwanag FACEBOOK PAGE: GOFUNDME: